Each year, students at the High School must select the courses they will be taking for the next year. The Principal and Counseling Center will provide an overview of the scheduling process to parents and students. The PowerSchool parent/student portal will be opened to allow students to make their course requests. These course requests will then be used to build the final schedule. 

Students should refer to the 2018-2019 Course Selection Guide for a full description of courses, prerequisites and credit information. 

The presentations from the 2017-18 course selection night are still available for reference. Select the presentation that aligns with your 2018-19 school year grade level. 

For quick reference, the following table outlines the required minimum credits need to graduate from the High School. 

Curriculum Area Credits 
English 4
Social Studies 4
Science 3
Mathematics 3
Additional Math or Science (not required for VoTech Students 1
Arts/Humanities 2
Wellness/Fitness 2
Essentials of Computer Science .5
Electives  5.5 (6.5 for VoTech student)
Total 25