Applying to College

Students should apply to college at the beginning of their senior year. Some applications may open in the summer prior after junior year. All colleges are different, so it's important to educate yourself on your colleges' application processes.

We recommend applying to 3-5 colleges.

Most college applications are done online. Supporting documentation can be uploaded, emailed, or often mailed to the college. Again, students are responsible for knowing what supporting documentation is required by their college.

Transcripts can be requested from Mrs. Barber in several ways. Students can email a request or stop in our office to see her. Students should provide an official SAT or AP score report in order for SAT scores or AP Exam scores to appear on high school transcripts. Students should also be sure their activities list is up to date. Mrs. Barber can check this. 

If you are asked to enter the name and contact information of a recommender, please be sure you spoke with that person and asked if they would provide a recommendation for you. Stop in the Counseling Center if you'd like a "Letter of Recommendation Help Sheet". This sheet will help a recommender give you a great letter of recommendation. 

Remember, after applying to college, monitor your email VERY closely. You don't want to miss your acceptance or any requests for additional information. 

As always, stop in the Counseling Center and see your counselor if you need any help!