NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association)

Planning for participation in NCAA Division I or Division II intercollegiate athletics begins in 8th grade when you choose 9th grade courses and continues throughout high school. A student-athlete's academic performance and behavior in their classes throughout high school is essential to be eligible for participation in college. 

To be eligible, students MUST complete the NCAA Clearinghouses' "Core Curriculum Requirements" AND meet the minimum GPA and SAT/ACT requirements mandated by the NCAA. You can find West Perry's approved courses here: NCAA Courses at WPHS.  West Perry courses that meet the Core Requirements are indicated throughout the course catalog. A complete list of the core curriculum requirements and NCAA registration information is online at

Click here to view DI requirements: Fact Sheet
Click here to view DII requirements: Fact Sheet

Please note: Students who fail to meet the core curriculum, GPA, and/or SAT/ACT requirements will NOT be eligible to participate in NCAA Division I or Division II intercollegiate athletics as a freshman. Interested students MUST file an application with the clearinghouse during the junior year and notify his/her school counselor of intent to play. 

We highly encourage student athletes to connect their potential college coach or athletic director with their school counselor at West Perry High School to ensure all eligibility requirements are met.