Daily Announcements

In Regular News:

Pennian Bank is looking for a student teller for the 2023-2024 school year.  Interested students may apply online at pennian.bank.  See Marie at the bank in the library on Tuesdays & Thursdays during flex if you have any questions.


In Class News:

Any student who is taking American Lit Honors next year should see Mrs. Reeder in room 139 for summer reading work.  Students taking AP Language next year should see Mr. Dittmer in room 30 for summer reading work, and students taking AP Literature next year should see Dr. Grippin in room 128 for summer reading work next year.


Any student planning on taking AP US Government & Politics next fall should stop by room 214 for summer reading assignments!


Any student who is planning to take Honors Anatomy and Physiology next year needs to stop by Ms Frey’s room and get the summer assignment before the end of the school year.


In Club News:

Are you dressed as a mathlete or an athlete? How about an old lady or a baby? Then it must be rhyme without a reason day. On Tuesday, channel your inner Adam Sandler by wearing baggy t-shirts, basketball shorts, sunglasses, and comfy shoes.


In Sports News:

Starting at 9:00AM today and tomorrow, Track and Field has an Open PIAA State Championship @ Shippensurg Universtiy.


Today's Fun Fact:

Did you know there are 11 different designs featured on the penny?


Have a Feisty Friday!