Student Assistance Program

The purpose of the Student Assistance Program is to identify students who demonstrate behaviors that prevent educational success. We do not treat, diagnose or refer your child for treatment. Instead, we gather information from your child's teachers and then provide a list of options for parents & student to choose to pursue.

Are you worried about your teen and do not know what to do? Is your teen threatening to hurt him/herself? If you feel your teen is a danger to themselves or others around them, you can contact TEENLINE at Holy Spirit Hospital for immediate assistance.

or 717-763-2345


 Mr. Christopher Kasian-Principal [email protected]
 Mr. Clark McCready-Assistant Principal [email protected]
 Mrs. Mandy Zeigler-Guidance Counselor [email protected]
 Mrs. Heather Bell-Guidance Counselor [email protected]
 Miss Tracy Commins- Guidance Counselor [email protected]
 Mrs. Amanda Davis-Nurse [email protected] 
 Mr. Dan Smith-Science Teacher [email protected]
 Mrs. Debra Foose-Learning Support English Teacher [email protected]
 Mrs. Leah Willochell-Science Teacher [email protected]
 Ms. Jessica Fisk-English Teacher [email protected]
 Mrs. Lynne Reeder-English Teacher/SAP Secretary [email protected] 

SAP Process

Who can refer a child? How is a child referred?
Anyone within the school community may refer a child to the SAP team--parents, students, teachers, custodians, administrators, and even community members. All referrals are confidential--no one outside the SAP Team knows who has been referred or has referred a student.

Referring a student for the SAP Team can be done by reaching out to any member of the SAP Team. These staff members can complete the form with or for you, should you need support in this process. The form asks for the name of the student being referred, and provides a checklist of reasons for referral. Referrals can also be made electronically via the link to the form in the paragraph below.
I am a parent or community member who cannot get to school to refer my child. How do I refer my child? 
Just like last year, we have an electronic form for making referrals. This form is still completely confidential and your responses to the form’s questions can only be accessed by the SAP team secretary. Complete the online form or call the WPHS at 789-3931 and ask to speak with any member of the SAP Team. 
What reasons can a child be referred? 
There are many reasons which may include but are not limited to the following: academic performance, school attendance, disruptive behavior, unusual behavior, peer problems, suspected use of drugs/alcohol, frequent themes of death/dying, personal problems or a change in physical appearance.
What happens after a child is referred? 
The SAP Team sends checklists to the child's teachers to obtain academic and behavioral performance in class as well as any observable behaviors. Once the checklists are collected, a member of the SAP Team contacts parents/guardians to seek approval to move forward with the referral.
If a parent says no, what happens? 
The SAP Team closes the case and sends a letter of refusal to the parent/guardian that provides contact information should the parent/guardian decide to change their mind and seek SAP assistance.
If a parent says yes, what happens? 
The SAP Team then refers the child to either a representative from Teenline or from Perry Human Resources who then schedules a meeting with the child, gathers information and composes a list of recommendations to the child and the parent/guardian. It is up to the parent/guardian and child to pursue any recommendations. All information regarding referrals is kept confidential!!
 If you have any questions, please call the WPHS or email a member of the SAP team. If a link is not working, please contact a SAP team member.


For additional support options for your child, visit the following sites:

Highmark Caring Place - A center for grieving Children, Adolescents & Their Families located in Lemoyne, PA. 

Perry Human Services - Serving Individuals, Families & Communities located in New Bloomfield, PA.